Mokoi is a Open Source Game Creation Tool and Gaming Platform.

Games made for Mokoi are platform neutral, if a compatible player is available for OS or Device, you can play games with no troubles

Download 1.0 beta 1

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Linux (64bit) Dependances: SDL2, SDL2_mixer, GTK3, GtkSourceView and libcurl
Source Code
Soon For
Mac OS X
Linux 32bit
Android 2.3+
Raspberry Pi

Show Your Support

Development on Mokoi Gaming Project is done in the developers free time, your help support and feedback will keep the developers motivated and will improve the project. Reporting your problems using Mokoi Gaming will also help direct the developers in the right direction, so make sure you post your problems on the our Community Forums.

Development Links

Stable Source Release
Lux Engine (Unstable)
Meg (Unstable)
Elix (Unstable)

Content Pack

Quest Content Pack (Outdated)
Jump Content Pack (Outdated)
Battle Content Pack (Outdated)